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Making the Most of your Warehouse Space: Maximizing Space When you can’t Expand

How to create more storage space in a warehouse or distribution center when a new facility isn’t cost-effective E-commerce has forever changed warehousing and distribution centers. Not only do consumers expect instant gratification, they’ve changed their shopping habits. Products that were once only stocked and sold seasonally are now available year-round, and people take advantage.. read more →

15 May 2015

Renegotiating Your Commercial Lease

The benefits of using a commercial real estate broker There are many reasons why business owners want to change their original lease agreement. While this is fairly common practice, it isn’t always successful, and it is always a headache. Most everyone could benefit from assistance from a commercial real estate broker. Before you decide to.. read more →

01 May 2015

Tips for 1031 Exchanges for Real Estate

  A 1031 exchange is one of the last remaining legal tax strategies that allows an owner of investment or business property, including a private party or a corporation, or an LLC, to indefinitely defer their capital gains taxes when they sell a property. Real estate may be exchanged for other like-kind real property; improved.. read more →

10 Apr 2015

Working with a Commercial Real Estate Broker: What is your Part?

You need a space for your new or existing business. When you partner with a commercial real estate broker, not only do you protect yourself, you also relinquish much extra work – whereby you could be spending that time instead on generating revenue activities for your company. What kind of work does that leave for you to do? What are you responsible for when you have the support of a broker? read more →

27 Mar 2015

Top 4 Things to Know When Selecting A Commercial Real Estate Broker

Finding the right commercial real estate broker is just as important as finding the right office and lease. It’s the most assured way to get everything you want at the right price and be protected. You can’t rely on experience alone when choosing a broker. Here are the top 4 things to know when selecting.. read more →

09 Mar 2015

Finding the Right Office Space in Minneapolis

Whether you’re starting a new business or moving an existing one, choosing a location to rent should be an exciting time. You get to find a home for your passion – the place that shows the world what you’re all about. However, researching and leasing commercial space can feel more stressful than exciting. There’s no need to worry. Before you think about negotiations, you need to know what to look for in a new space. There are 4 basic guidelines that will make your search easier and more productive. < a href="#">Here are the first three. read more →

17 Feb 2015

What are the Characteristics of Flex Space?

Businesses can use flex space for manufacturing, inventory storage, and office space. With the clean design of a flex space, businesses can add and remove features to make it their own. read more →

29 Jan 2015

Does your Office Leasing Plan Include Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is usually one of the last things a business considers as part of their office relocation and leasing plan. One hopes that one never faces a disaster, but what would you do if the elevator broke and your customers could not reach your office? What if a fire on another floor prevented your.. read more →

04 Sep 2014

Considerations That Will Save You Money on Commercial Leasing

Space Productivity and Efficiency In today’s market, the key is to clearly define your usage, budget, and location. An efficient use of space will save you money especially in light of today’s economic conditions. Apply BOMA standards to usable/ rentable space to make sure you are getting all the space you are paying for and.. read more →

03 Sep 2014

Negotiating Commercial Office Space Leases

Negotiations and Timing It is always best to have three options or at least a good 2nd option when it comes to space alternatives. Use one to leverage the other to extract the best terms when negotiating. Don’t be afraid to say “no” and walk away. Not having a good 2nd option minimizes the aggressiveness.. read more →

02 Sep 2014